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Rwanda Gorilla Safari Packages
Rwanda located between the eco-system of the Congo basin and the Great Rift Valley of Eastern Africa and thus shares the natural riches of both worlds resulting in a country of exquisite beauty and unsurpassed biodiversity.
The country lies at 2 00 S, 30 00 E, bordered by Uganda to the North, DR Congo to the West, Burundi to the South and Tanzania to the East. To the outside world, it’s well known for the genocide of 1994, but it has recovered from those years of turmoil that characterised the nation in the period 1950-1994
For today, Rwanda is under the leadership of President Paul Kagame, Rwanda is peaceful, prosperous and inviting. In Rwanda are three national parks – Nyungwe Forest Park known for its large size and a vast army of chimps and monkeys; Akagera National park for game, including zebra, giraffe, antelope, buffalo; and Parc National des Volcans where Dian Fossey dedicated her life researching the celebrated gorillas.
Among its many and enduring attractions are the primates, in particular the mountain Gorillas. One of the most awesome wildlife interactions in the world.
Primates Adventure Company is the only company to take you to the gentle giants, our ancestors sharing some 97% of our character, in their natural habitat, the verdant jungle and misty mountains of Rwanda. Our primate trekking safaris, led by professional guides, provide the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Rwanda and its People.
The pygmoid hunter-gatherers are among the first in habitats of Rwanda, ancestral to the modern Twa people who comprise 0.25% of the national population. Some 2,000 years ago, agricultural and pastoralist migrants from the west settled in the area. Oral traditions recall that prior to the 15th century a ruler named Gihanga forged a centralised Rwandan state with similar roots to the Buganda and Bunyoro Empires in neighbouring Uganda. Comprised of a cattle-owning nobility and agriculturist serfdom majority – the precursors respectively of the modern-day Tutsi and Hutu – this powerful state was able to repel all early attempts at European penetration.